Fruit Ridge Community Collaborative is located in the southern district of Sacramento’s first suburb, Oak Park. We are housed on 8 acres of the repurposed Fruit Ridge Elementary School (circa 1938). The school was closed in 2012 due to declining enrollment, but the community had a vision for it. It was at that time that the Smith family (residents of the community for 30 years) founded Fruit Ridge Community Collaborative as a community resource center. Their vision was to empower the residents of the Oak Park Community with a sense of understanding, cooperation and a place to go. The Smith Family managed the site for 5 years until September of 2018 when PRO Youth & Families took on facility maintenance, logistics and administrative management of the property.

Fruit Ridge Community Collaborative, now a hub for neighborhood empowerment, houses 23 nonprofit organizations and serves as a meeting place for dozens more. The grounds are repeatedly used for community and family friendly events. It is a place where residents can come to find needed resources and celebrate their community. The site now serves close to 15,000 men, women and children each year.

FRCC provides a safe, comfortable place for community members to gather – to connect to a wide range of critical support programs, to engage with each other and to drive economic security for the neighborhood. This easily accessible, joint-site location is bringing together the community, nonprofit organizations, and private and public entities to drive collaboration and build capacity which results in collective impact.