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About Us

Where neighborhood unity, resources, and celebration are united.

Fruitridge Community Collaborative was birthed from a mission to enhance health education, provide resources, and secure space for the residents of Oak Park to feel empowered. Founded in 2012 by the Smith Family and later managed by PRO Youth & Families up until August of 2021, the collaborative has operated on 8 acres of what used to be Fruit Ridge Elementary School. The driving force continues to be improving the quality of life for the men, women, and children we serve.

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Hanna Smith

Expert volunteer for years

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Together Fruitridge Community Collaborative works to:


Connect Partnerships

To become a partner in the collaborative is to positively impact many lives and open funding opportunities for community growth.


Offer Foundation for Youth

Encourage participation in structured, enjoyable activities for youth to enrich their life and social skills.


Healthy Living for All

Promote a wide range of programs that increase awareness of healthy and active lifestyle goals.


Increase Job Security

Connecting the adult community to job opportunities by assessing employment needs and job skills

Want to become a partner with FRCC or offer your support?

By supporting the Fruitridge Community Collaborative, you are supporting the growing number of nonprofits that utilize the space for events and meetings, all here to help grow the community’s success.